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The Crab House Cafe

On… I think it was 24th August, I went to a really nice restaurant called the Crab House. If you love fish, which I didn’t until I went there, you MUST go there! And, shock horror, I PAID for some of it! WOW.

Anyway, so the menu has got freshly caught local fish and stuff, and there’s an oyster farm right next to it (and I mean you can see the guy washing the oysters, day in, day out. Must be boring). The menu changes twice a day (I think), depending on what the people catch. So there’s always a choice, and the specials board has really posh stuff, like lobster poached in brandy (YUCK!). Outside, you can sit on tables with funny pink parasols that have fluffy kinda bits of plastic coming off them. We had a FEAST fit for a king, ha ha ha!

I had Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce (I LOVE sweet chilli sauce so much!!) for starter, lemon sole with parsley butter for main (I had never tried this, but I LOVED it) and for dessert, chocolate tart with a hint of whisky (not so much to get drunk of course) with honeycomb ice cream. It was AWESOME!!

As we were eating, some guys came and sat at the table next to ours and they were LOUD! They talked like the guy from Gap Yah and laughed like him too, lol. Then the person I was with (who shall remain anonymous, mwa ha ha) was looking at a weird yellowy-orange fruit served inside flaky green leaves on her plate (dessert). A waitress came by and was talking to the guys on the table and then, in a tiny voice, I heard a ‘Excuse me, can I ask you a question?’ coming from the person I was with, who I’m gonna reveal: my granny (don’t laugh, she is awesome)!! Anyway, so the waitress turned around and went ‘Sure.’ as I was laughing really loudly. So were the guys at the table. Then she asked what the fruit was and if you could eat it. I think it was a kumquat or something (love that word). I didn’t try it.

Then we asked for the bill. We waited a long, long time and finally the waiter came out. YAY! But no… He gave a bill to the guys at the table. They didn’t ask for one…! We were like ‘Isn’t that ours?’ and the guys were like ‘No.’. Then the waiter came out and gave us ‘our’ bill. We looked at the bill, which turned out to be the other guys’, and they had ours. We were like ‘That’s ours you’ve got.’ and they were like ‘Oh yeah. HA HA HA HA HA HA! I’d be happier to have yours though, HA HA HA HA HA!’ Theirs was more expensive, even though they had less food. The waiter came out again and we were like ‘You swapped our bills.’ and he was like ‘No way.’ but then saw them and went ‘Oops.’. Then he took one of the chocolates from the bill in our hands and put it on the other bill, which was ours. We were like ‘That’s ours.’ and he swapped the chocolates back and gave us the right bill. FINALLY. It was confusing! As we were leaving, I said ‘We should have got an extra chocolate for that.’.

Btw, that place is a type of restaurant where you get a crab and a hammer and you SMASH it open!

Your fishy blogger, Jaz


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