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Stuff I Like.

I’m not really in the blogging mood, but oh well.

I like stuff. Some people say I’m negative, but I do like stuff. For example, CHOCOLATE. Who doesn’t like the creamy delicious heavenly food that is chocolate? I know someone that doesn’t like it, and they’re CRAZY! I prefer dark chocolate, actually, but I love all types of chocolate!! CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE.

I also like reading. I have loads of respect for authors, cos I’m trying to write a story/book/novel/whatever you wanna call it and it’s pretty hard. I mean, how can they write 400 pages or more? I’ve written (well, still writing) something that’s 200 pages, but that’s taken me almost 3 years! Mostly cos I don’t work on it every day. I love reading about stuff and getting… lost, if you get it, in a fictional world. It’s awesome.

I really like drawing, well, to be more precise, drawing manga. I haven’t actually read much real manga (only manga Romeo and Juliet, lol) but I love the style, and people say I’m pretty good. But it’s fun to make up characters and random people. Someone would ask ‘Who’s that you’re drawing?’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know.’ cos you don’t have to give them a name or a personality. Well, you do if you’re making the comics but not if you’re like me and just draw.

What else do I like? MY DSI! I am addicted to it! It’s so much fun. My favourite game is… Dragon Quest IX. But I’ve almost completed it, OH NO! It’s an amazing game. I also love going on Flipnote Studio and making animations… well, in my case, drawing on it. I’m rubbish at animating, but the drawing tools are really good, so I mostly just draw.

And, in case you didn’t realise, I LOVE the computer. I love going onto websites like ourWorld, checking my email, updating this blog of course and playing games, lol. It’s a whole digital world, but the weird thing is, real people make it. I find that freaky, how you’re on a website talking to someone, and you suddenly realise they’re real. There’s an actual person sitting at their computer, perhaps thinking the same about you. ‘Wow, that person is actually real…’ Does anyone else think this?

I love a lot more than what I’ve written, but they’re my favourite things. 5 things I love loads!! What stuff do you like?

Your computer-loving blogger, Jaz


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