The Mysterious Future… What’s Gonna Happen?

Ooh, it’s a weird title… Anyway, it seems the world is getting CRAZY! Everyone getting killed, riots, wars and sadness! It’s not affecting me, in my little box of safety. It seems all the bad stuff is happening on another planet! But loads of people are getting fat too, but that’s not as big as other stuff. But with all this going on, I think the future is not gonna be good. Maybe good if you like being lazy and eating food (well, I do, but not 24/7). Sorry, this is weird.

I predict the world will collapse in on itself and there will be some kind of huge war resulting in the population almost all DYING. Or maybe people will die before then because pollution will get so bad and kill the world, BUT… From what I understand, a lot of pollution is coming from car/vehicle fumes. A problem with this is that we’re running out of stuff to make the petrol (which makes the fumes). SO, if we run out of petrol, THEN maybe global warming/pollution will be better…?! Maybe? Or will pollution increase so quickly we won’t have time to mine all the oil/fuel? Will we all die before a solution is found? Questions, questions! Someone had better hurry up and make an eco-friendly and easy to make car before all the oil is gone… It’s a race!

But I know that there are electric cars around, but you have to get huge amounts of energy and where do you fill it up? Only a few people will have them cos they’ll be SUPER expensive, and they’d need to make some kind of energy ‘point’ where you stick a cable into the car and energy flows in… But they’d take a while to make and would it be worth it? With all this recession and money going down the drain, who’s gonna have enough money to buy an electric car? Who’s gonna have enough money to even buy a car and fill it up with petrol? People are losing their jobs all the time and won’t have enough money! AND fuel prices are getting higher and higher! Everyone’s gonna end up walking everywhere! With no food, cos they’ll be so POOR!

Humans had better get more efficient or we’ll all die! Now, this doesn’t totally affect me cos I’m only not an adult, but I know things!

Anyway, if humanity sorts out the problems of money, we’ll be OK, kind of. If they sort out the problem of fuel, we’ll be OK, kind of. But another small problem is the amount of FAT people. I see them everywhere! Fat fat fat! Now here’s my idea: You know some fat people take up two seats on the plane/bus? They’re only paying for ONE ticket, but taking up the amount of space for TWO people! I think a new system should be put into action: pay for seats instead of people. So if you’re fat, you pay for two seats. If you’re normal, you pay for one seat. And there should be tiny seats for kids or people with tiny bums! They’d be cheaper. Don’t you think that’s a better idea?

Still on this topic, I was walking through Asda and saw these strange (but I must admit, quite tasty) pouches of food. There were curries and noodles and even a whole roast dinner! I had creamy gnocchi with mushrooms. It was nice. Now these pouches had fresh (that’s what they claimed to be) vegetables on top, like the chicken biryani had peppers and other stuff. I think that people are gonna get so fat and food’s gonna get so scarce, people are gonna be sitting on hoverbeds for their whole life and at a certain time (breakfast, lunch or dinner) everyone will go to a huge ‘centre’ and get a pouch of food, go back to their tiny ‘house’ (which would be one room, as the hoverbeds have a built in toilet- YUCK!) and eat the food. In fact, what use will houses be? People will live on their beds, eating and doing everything, and now I think about it, no one will need a house! Argh! All this thinking is CRAZY!

I’m thinking all these books about a broken future, like Uglies and The Hunger Games (woo!) are gonna come true! Especially the parts in The Hunger Games about bread and biscuits being a luxury, cos everyone in District 13 (or the whole world at this rate) had no money and they are so poor! Maybe there will be a Hunger Games… Maybe people will be obsessed by beauty and get an operation like in Uglies? Who knows?!

Where will the future take us? Only time will tell!

Your wise and questioning blogger, Jaz


5 comments on “The Mysterious Future… What’s Gonna Happen?

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  2. Okay, so here’s the thing.. In both Uglies and HungerGames there are people ‘enhancing’ their bodies by surgery and.. People do it already! Lypo-suction & botox and stuff! If there was a HungerGames I would volunteer as tribute! I’d like that future personally! ❤ ren<3

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