The Hunger Games Movie- How AWESOME!

Hi again, terribly sorry (*cough cough* POSH! *cough cough*) I am posting an entry a few seconds after this one, but my brain was about to explode with ideas! So here’s my first proper post.

You probably don’t know, but I LOVE reading. And one day I was looking through books on Amazon and I saw a series called The Hunger Games. I was kinda, mehh, I don’t really care, after looking at the description, but I put it on my wishlist. Then some time later I took it off, only to put it back on again. Then someone bought it for me and I began to read (as you would usually do with a book). And it was AMAZING! I got the other books in the series (Catching Fire and Mockingjay) and DEVOURED them as hungrily as a starving lion… OK, maybe not. Then recently I was looking through some website and I saw they were making a MOVIE of this AWESOME book! And I got excited, I wanted to blog about it. I actually did, even though I had no thought of making a blog until then. (Ow, my little arms are aching. Well, only my right arm…) If you want to see the poster, click here. It looks AWESOME!

I really wanted to put the poster on here, cos there was an animated one that was SO COOL, but it wouldn’t work, and anyway, I bet there was some copyright or something. But there was an embed code, which I copied and pasted into this post. I have no idea if that’s how you do it, but oh well.

Btw, I saw some pictures of the people in it, and they look really great, like how I’d imagined them, except I would have thought Katniss had more tanned skin and kinda… rough or boyish looks. Bad description. So… anyway. I don’t know how I made such a (kinda) long post out of this, but I DID!

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Your bookwormy blogger, Jaz


3 comments on “The Hunger Games Movie- How AWESOME!

  1. I think it’s fair to say I’m a superfan of the HungerGames and btw I’ve still got your copy of Mockingjay so sorry! ❤ Fellow HungerGames Fan,

  2. I loveee the Hunger Games! It is by far my FAVOURITE book 😀 I lovee peeta (: And I agree with you on the katniss thingy, plus I think the banner is AWESOME! The trailer is supposed to be coming out this Sunday (YAY!).

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